DIY Easter Decoration With Hidden Gift Box!

This DIY is a fun gift box that looks like an Easter decoration, but you can hide a special gift inside!  It can be used again and again, for giving a gift and decorating for Easter.  Here is a video showing it from start to finish:

The following supplies are needed to make the decorative gift box:

~Cylinder box, black and pink Sharpies, Easter grass (optional-paper grass for the inside), 1 small and 1 styrofoam ball, thick twine, scissors, hot glue gun, serrated knife or hack saw, cotton ball, a couple of small plastic or foam colored eggs and toothpick


~ Cover the cylinder box and side of the lid(not on the top)with twine using the hot glue gun.  Leave a space at the top without any twine, so the lid will fit:~ Cut both styrofoam balls in half using the serrated knife or saw.  Take one big half and one little half and join with a toothpick.  Take another little half ball and cut two ear shapes and join to the head.  Use the sharpies to draw on a rabbit face and ears:


~Make a handle by cutting a beaded necklace long enough, wrapping with bendable wire and attaching to the lid of the box.  Make a hole, just big enough for a bead to just fit through, for each end of the handle.   Hot glue Easter grass on top of the lid.


~Hot glue the styrofoam rabbit and a few small plastic or foam colored egg onto the lid.  Put some grass inside the box(I used cut paper strips I made with a paper shredder) and set the gift inside.  Use some other decorative items around your decoration to make a cute Easter display!



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