Lasered Spooky Zombean Halloween Carnival Props


Currently, I am working on the paper edition of my children’s book, “Zombean Halloween”.   Last year, I self-published the ebook version on this site: .  While I was writing that book,  John and I worked together to  make  props to use for the setting of the book and as a display for book promotions.  The finished props:


The props consisted of a ferris wheel,  a merry-go-round, a zombeanz spooky house, a smaller house for a ticket office and swings.  All the props were carved with the laser(or engraved) and made out of wood.  I took a photo and changed it a little to make it look spooky, then added it to  my book.   So far, this set is my favorite project we have ever created together.   It definitely took some finagling and reworking to get all the pieces right.  John did the assembly of the pieces, which were pure genius, in my book!
















Haunted Zombeanz House                             Zombeanz Ferris Wheel

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